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With Comfort in Mind, we Make
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We do our best to hand select the best lumber available,
but some minimal inconsistency may occur.

We appreciate Limb Knots and Mill Stamping on our products
for the rustic authentic appeal.
You may request removal of Mill Stamping and
specify no Limb Knots on upper surfaces.

Frame Work - 2x4, 2x6 #2 or better kd whitewood.
Tops & Benches - 2x8, 2x10, 2x12 #2 or better southern yellow pine.

Contact us for custom designs and special woods.

Fasterners / Milling

All our Tables are assembled with coated deck screws and Galvanized Fasteners.
Our Tops and Benches have rounded edges and 45-degree corners, for safety
and comfort, with Concealed Fasterners allowing no upper surface Penetrations.

Preparation for Finish

Framing members are de-burr sanded.
Tops and Benches are first prepped and smooth sanded with an 80-grit.
All our products come standard prepared for a finish.

Sealers, Stains, Paints, Primer

We use MINWAX for our stains.
ValSpar Exterior Enamel for Paints and Primers.
Sealers and Top Coats for all stained and clear finishes.
Paint: 1 coat primer, 1 coat paint on frame work,
2 coats paint on tops and benches

We use EVERLAST™ Sealer with a Midewcide (mildew preventive additive)
for all stained and clear finishes.
One coat on Frame work Tops and Benches.

Top Coat

EVERLAST™ Eco-Smart™ Wood Finish
Very Unique and One-of-a-Kind Wood Finish!
This Eco-Smart™, Wood Finish combines the warmth and clarity
of a Varnish and Tung-Oil with the toughness and durability
of a Polyurethane, which offers Superb Durability.
Resistant to staining, alcohol, most chemicals, and water spotting,
and excellent mar and abrasive resistance making it -
a Unique and one-of-a-kind Finish.

One coat on frame work, 2 coats tops and benches.

Limitations of Use: While our finish is a Mildew resistant coating, growth may still occur if consistently exposed to conditions conductive to mold, mildew, and algae. Examples of these conditions include but are not limited to under eves,
behind shrubbery and trees, and in areas that are consistently damp with little or no s
unlight. Maintain your table often for best results by removing dirt and grime.

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